Romantic floral bun hairstyle tutorial

日期:2015/10/19 / 分類:影音分享 / 作者:黃 小博

Romantic floral bun is a very sweet and romantic hairstyle. We can read the fluffy bud Japanese magazines. Do you know how to make it? Today, this bud hairstyle is presented, I hope you will like it.


Romantic floral bun hairstyle tutorial:

  1. Tie up a half up hairstyle. Hair of former ears sides can twist and secure them with a strand.
  2. Grab a strand of hair from the behind of right ear. Twist and loosen the strand. Remain the ends of strand on the outside after loosening it.
  3. Grab a strand of hair from the behind of left ear. And use the same way like step2.
  4. Grab the hair from the area of right occipital and wrap it up as a bun. Let the hair floss loosely and stylish.
  5. Use the step 4 to hair from the area of left occipital. Take care the shape of the floral style.
  6. Twist and loosen the middle of hair. Fill the floral appearance of hollow.
  7. Decorate with a shining accessory. The style will be more outstanding.


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