The 3-strand waterfall hairstyle

日期:2015/10/20 / 分類:影音分享 / 作者:黃 小博

How to make three braided look more layering? Today, I will share “goddess-like and romantic waterfall braided hair”. The design presented more layering and graceful. This hairstyle let girls look different, only a creative change we can complete it.

2款浪漫瀑布編髮 髮型教學

The 3-strand waterfall hairstyle:
1. Brush hair to smooth it. And grab the strand to make a French braid.
2. Keep the strand of right side as you finish a 3-strand braid. Grab a strand under the braid and add to ne
3. Pick some strand and plait them if the strands are too big .
Just keep every strand equally.

二、Twist and Cross waterfall braid
1. Grab a tiny strand and split it into three pieces–right, center and left.
2. After crossing the braid, we pick the right piece of hair and cross into the middle of the left and the center piece. Decorate the Goddess’s waterfall hairstyle with beautiful accessory.

2款浪漫瀑布編髮 髮型教學


I hope you will like it.

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